Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What to Bring Along on Your Summer Road Trip

Summer is the time for fun. Summer is vacations. Summer is the space on the calendar where we’re granted permission to turn the volume in our brains down in order to dunk our feet in a swimming pool and sip on something cold. It’s the time of year we broaden our horizons and embark on adventures. Summertime means the ultimate journeys to faraway places where leisure, relaxation, and bonding are there for the taking. Summertime means road trips!

The American road trip was popularized sometime around the 1950’s. With the advent of highways and affordable cars, plus the desire for urban dwellers to leave behind the stress of big city living, road trips became a fairly common and affordable way to see the country. Today, road trips are as popular as ever. For the young, the old, from East to West, North to South, and everywhere in between, Americans love a good road trip and we’re here to help you prepare. Pack up your car and rally your friends and family, but don’t forget to bring along these fine products from Mac Sports!
1. Expandable Duffel Bag 
Travel easy with our durable, expandable duffel bag made from polyester. Stuff your clothes, toiletries, and eventually, your souvenirs into this handy duffel bag that can easily fit into the trunk of your car. With plenty of pockets and compartments, there’s no shortage of space for belongings of varying sizes. The side zippers easily expand when more space is required to fit snow globes, bobbleheads, or bottle openers that proudly show off the name of the cities you visited!
2. Portable Power Bank 
If you went back in time and used the phrase “smart phone,” you might be taken for a science-fiction writer with a wild imagination for inventing robots out of household appliances. Today, though, we rely on our phones for navigation, communication, and entertainment. Be sure to include our lightweight portable power bank in your travels in order to have access to “juice” when needed. Stay charged!
3. Outdoor Party Cooler 
Who needs a bulky, heavyweight cooler made of materials that could be used to build houses, when you can bring along our Party Cooler with a folding stand? When you’re en route to the beach for sun and fun, or about to pitch a tent on a lush campground, or even if you’re travelling to the annual family reunion with all your relatives (both crazy and sane), bring along the Party Cooler for ice cold beverages. Made with an insulated lining, simply add ice, then utilize the top flap to reach and grab another frosty drink.
4. Outdoor Camping Kitchen
Sharpen your knives and prepare a campfire meal for the ages using our collapsible camping kitchen. We especially recommend this item for those taking an RV on the road and who might enjoy outdoor dining. Slice, dice, chop, butcher, filet, mince, cleave, and sliver all ingredients when prepping your feast! Easily stash fruits and veggies in the mesh net underneath and store utensils and tools or mugs and oven mitts. Show off your culinary skills from town to town with all the local fare!
5. Folding Picnic Table 
Another handy addition to any RV excursion is our folding picnic table, which is convenient to store and easy to transport! We all enjoy a quality picnic, whether camping or beachside. Invite four of your closest friends for a delicious barbecue and comfortably seat everyone. Our picnic table can easily be carried by its handles once folded and is suitable for holding an umbrella for shelter from the sun!
6. Various pet travel items
We would never forget about your furry friends because we know you wouldn’t either! Mac Sports is a trusted name in travel items designed for convenience and functionality, and that includes our items for pets who travel with you. Bring along your best friend on your trip and be sure to give them the comfort they pine for with our carriers and houses.

All of us at Mac Sports wish you safe travels! Enjoy your summer road trip and for more of our fine products to assist in the best road trip ever, simply click here. We’ll see you in the Fall!

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